Lyra Evans is the public school board trustee for Zone 9 (Capital and Rideau-Vanier Wards). As the first, and regrettably still only, trans school board trustee in Canada, she brings a critical view of barriers faced by marginalized people to her work. Lyra is a long time believer in socialist values, having initiated her advocacy within the homeless and LGBTQ2S communities, a passion of hers that began when she was a homeless teenager on the streets of Ottawa. She began advocating for systemic changes as she witnessed the failure of systems designed to help, with many people falling through cracks or being missed by the system.

She took up the mantle of school board trustee when the provincial government decided to erase LGBTQ2S identities and sex education from the elementary curriculum. As a trustee, she has fought tirelessly for myriad issues, such as: police in schools causing detrimental impacts on the Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ2S communities; advocating for additional mental health spending for students; mandatory masking for students; LGBTQ2S representation in classrooms and school libraries; rewrote the equity and diversity hiring policy; and pushed for change on a number of environmental fronts such as low carbon boilers, solar panels, or ground heat pumps; amongst many others.

In her professional life, Lyra Evans is an environmental chemist from the University of Ottawa, studying the creation, purification, and fine chemical manufacturing of renewable hydrocarbon feed-stocks from algal oil in an attempt to find viable alternatives to fossil fuels.

Lyra is currently seeking the nomination for the NDP in Ottawa Centre and she’d love your support. Join her in uniting the grassroots.


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